Massage and Reflexology

Sarah’s background in Chinese medicine, yoga, tai chi and meditation influence her style of bodywork therapy, allowing for a deep and intuitive treatment to let patients truly relax and restore.

Massage:  Therapeutic, Deep tissue or Pregnancy

Treatments are tailored to the needs of the patient. Using organic almond oil and a combination of nourishing and deep intensive strokes, any built up stress, tension and knots are released. Restoring the structural-mechanical alignment of the body and holistically rebalancing the nervous system.

Reflexology: A treatment solely dedicated to the feet.

Reflexology can assist with a variety of issues working closely with the para-sympathetic nervous system. Feet are initially cleansed, then with the use of a nourishing foot cream, pressure is applied to stimulate specific areas of the feet which correspond to particular areas of the body. With Sarah’s knowledge of Chinese Medicine it is common for Acupressure to be applied to specific points for certain conditions.  The feet are thought to be a microcosm of the entire body and this clearing treatment can create a deep sense of relaxation, which in-turn rejuvenate’s the body and mind.

Combination Treatments: Relieving Mind, Body and Soul

Hands-on body treatments have been used throughout the years to alleviate, aches, pains and tension with the intention of restoring and nourishing the body’s energy. It is common to use both of these treatments in one appointment, either requested or suggested by Sarah.

Individual treatments: Massage or reflexology can be requested individually.  These appointments start from 60 minutes each.

What is a Massage or Reflexology Appointment Like?

All treatments are based in a clinic setting. Appointments range from 60 to 90 minutes, in a treatment room scented by aromatherapy oils, creating a calming atmosphere. Clothing is removed before a massage treatment to allow for contact during a full body massage, dignity and warmth will be kept intact with sheets and blankets.  Footwear and tight trousers are removed before a reflexology appointment and feet are cleansed with wipes before preceding. Almond oil and nourishing foot cream is used to lubricate and soften the skin. A brief consultation at the start of your appointment will create a plan for your treatment, whether it is to focus on specific problem areas or a holistic full body/foot approach.

Following Appointments:  After your first visit, it is common to receive lifestyle advice for longevity in health and wellbeing, especially if suffering with a particular condition. Suggestion of further appointments can be discussed and if necessary alternative therapies such as acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition or counselling maybe recommended instead of or in collaboration with your chosen treatment .

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