“I’ve been having reflexology with Sarah for several months.  Sarah takes a genuine interest in what is going on with me – any issues or concerns I have which she remembers from one appointment to the next. Each session is a time of deep relaxation; I arrive straight from work, often rushed and find myself leaving one hour later in a state of peaceful tranquility. Once home, I enjoy a deeply restorative sleep and am energised for the days ahead.”

Stephanie, Hoxton – Reflexology

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Sarah. Her initial consultation was thorough and sensitive. She proved to be a careful listener and knowledgeable practitioner. I found myself immediately at ease with her gentle presence and integrative approach to treatment. In the hours after treatment, I consistently felt the positive results of her work. Over time, I believe that the acupuncture resulted in an improvement in the symptoms that brought me to her practice, as well as my overall mood. While several of my initial appointments  were covered by insurance, I continued treatment far beyond that as I felt that her contributions to my overal well-being were invaluable. I recommend her services enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Andreas, Islington – Acupuncture

“I started seeing Sarah when I had serious lower back pain preventing me from walking properly and being able to look after my year old daughter. After the first couple of sessions I felt so much better it was incredible. My back pain disappeared and we could work on other issues that were affecting my day-to-day life. I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to anyone seeking acupuncture or massage. She is lovely to speak to and very warm and approachable. During one session I could even see clearer – I think she’s a bit magic!”

Frances, Putney – Acupuncture

“My massage treatment with Sarah was truly something special. I had not felt that relaxed and at peace in a long time, so for her to rectify that during my session was amazing.  Without me telling her what my other problems were, she seemed to pick up on them during the course of my massage, she just knew my body so well.  After trying several alternative remedies and seeing other masseuses for my back/neck pain, I can safely say that I have finally found someone that I am genuinely satisfied with and look forward to incorporating into my schedule.  Sarah is lovely and easy to talk to, which makes her treatments that much better”                                                                                                      Naomi, Moorgate – Massage

“I started seeing Sarah for Acupuncture after I lost my 3 year old daughter to a rare and life limiting condition. I had been struggling with insomnia, panic attacks and physically my body had taken a toll from the 24 hours a day care she had required.  The most noticeable difference after my first treatment was that I no longer struggled with insomnia, it was an immediate change.  Being able to sleep helped me better worked through my grief and emotions. Together with Sarah and her ability to understand that every session I might need something different, I could feel myself becoming stronger physically but most importantly emotionally. It has been one my most positive experiences with healing and caring for myself I have ever undertaken and I have Sarah to thank for that”

TB, Chiswick – Acupuncture

“Sarah has a warm, friendly and sympathetic approach which put me instantly at ease. I have had massage therapy which has been both relaxing and beneficial to the muscle problems I encountered following major knee surgery; together with acupuncture her treatment has helped in some of the discomfort I have experienced. She is clearly very well qualified and knowledgeable in her areas of expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending her for either of these therapies and for her personable and holistic approach.”

Reg Balmer MRCVS – Massage and Acupuncture

“I had an amazing session with Sarah, I arrived with neck and lower back pain and she really focused on my issues. It felt strong and more stable after having massage and acupuncture.  Now I can get back to my regular training session. Thank you Sarah! ”

Balanze, Fulham – Massage