Moxa, Cupping, Guasha


Also known as Moxa, is a dried herb derived from the mugwort plant.  It is used in a variety of ways from small cones which are placed directly over the skin to warm particular acupuncture points, or in the form of a Moxa stick, which hovers over an area of the body to warm . It’s an effective tool for nourishing or moving energy.


Static or moving, cups are very effective at moving stagnant energy and stimulate blood flow, especially effective for muscular skeletal aches, pains and tension.  Plastic suction cups are frequently used within a massage therapy session to alleviate tension knots.


Traditionally the Guasha tool was made from buffalo horn.  The smooth edged tool is rubbed deeply over oiled skin, which assists in stimulating blood flow and moving stuck energy. Guasha is used frequently within a massage therapy session due to effective release of muscular skeletal tension, pain and discomfort.